What is a Flowchart: Types, Purpose and Benefits

What is a Flowchart

Communicating with a large number of people is usually a challenge, especially when you try to explain or deconstruct complex ideas or processes. How do you ensure that everyone is at the same level of understanding? How do you confirm all the foundations in the discussion?

That’s where a good and effective flowchart is located.

What is a flowchart?

The flowchart is an important visual communication tool used by anyone who is engaged in planning, organizing and improving the process. This means that it can use different people in various industries and situations -whether you are an engineer, student, designer, leader or team member.

Benefits of using a flowchart

The flowchart is beneficial to help us organize ideas, thoughts and processes. The following are some advantages of using the flowchart when the brainstorming benefits, the plan or flow of the process:

With the help of simple visual auxiliary tools replaced complex talked, the flow chart helps simplify and effective communication.

Logically introduced a good flowchart for the organization, so that the stakeholders and members of the conference can better understand the process of the process.

In terms of the logic of the flowchart, everyone can easily find unnecessary steps in the process or possible issues, which can help failure to eliminate it.

The flowchart provides good documents. When using a flowchart during the whiteboard meeting, members can easily save what they generate during the meeting as an excellent visual reference.

A better way to create a flowchart

Although you can use OL ‘pen and paper during the flowchart, a better way is to use CANVA’s whiteboard tools and flow chart manufacturers. Canvas is easy to use. What’s better, you and your team can use it on your mobile phone, tablet or desktop. You can start one of one or one of our ready -made flow chart templates from scratch. As long as you can access Canva online, you can create a flowchart on the digital whiteboard. You can easily save, download and present.

Different types of flowcharts

Types of Flowchart

There are a variety of flowcharts there, but it is important to choose the right flowchart. This is some standard types:

Decision chart

The decision -making flowchart introduces the steps of backup specific decision -making, as well as the possible consequences of various options.

Process chart

The process flow diagram can be visually visualized to obtain the steps required for specific results or results in order. From the most basic perspective, it will include a series of actions or activities. It may also include decisions that need to be made in each step, people at each stage, duration of each step, and so on.

Product chart

Product flowchart allows product developers and project managers to maintain the top of the product development process -from concept, design, and prototype to implementation.

PERT chart

When the timetable for visualization projects and tracking the tasks and delivery results of each team member, program assessment and review technology or PERT charts are useful.

What Is A Flowchart?


The flowchart is useful visual communication tool. As long as it is carefully made, anyone can benefit from it. Pay attention to details is the key to making one. Therefore, if there is a correct time to be picky, it is the time to draft the flowchart. And because it is easy to miss the details, it is important to cooperate. No one creates an effective flowchart by themselves.

Finally, you can create a flowchart that can proudly show the team, customers or bosses. Maximum and available tools, such as Canva’s flowchart manufacturers and online whiteboard templates to easily make effective flow charts.

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