Why Does My Spotify Keep Crashing? Simple and Easy Tips

Why Does My Spotify Keep Crashing

My Spotify account is having some serious trouble right now. Every time I open the app it gets crashes and blue error messages. Why does my Spotify keep crashing? It’s not a technical problem, but it’s an error caused by the way I use the “app”. Crashing is when an app doesn’t do what it’s supposed to or something on your computer is either corrupt or has errors.

What is Spotify?

Spotify is a audio streaming and media administrations supplier and the world’s biggest music real time feature supplier with a huge number of customary clients. Therefore, numerous clients will unavoidably encounter issues with Spotify, for example, a Spotify that continues to crash.

Here’s Why Does My Spotify Keep Crashing?


The problem I’m having is because of how I have set my Spotify up. When you open Spotify, it downloads a series of apps that you need to load up when you login to the app. At the very least, this is what the apps menu should look like. But instead it loads up the very first app on the list which is Meez.

Login Data

This is actually one of the apps I was very impressed with when I first used spotify. But when I started having trouble with the networking, I quickly realized this could be one big problem. Crashing wasn’t just happening randomly, the reason why my spotify keeps crashing is because of my login data for my other apps.

Login Issue

To fix my spotify keeps crashing problem, I had to edit my settings and reinstall spotify again. And guess what, it was fixed. The crash happened due to my username and password being different from my original password.

The reason my Spotify keeps crashing is because whenever I try to login to the app it loads up the very first app on the list, and if I have another username or password then it will try to load up any other apps on the list. But when it can’t, it just loads up the default homepage which is the home screen. That’s why sometimes the login to the app doesn’t work and you just have to force stop it by tapping on the home screen and then tapping the force stop button.

Force Stop

In order to fix this problem, all you need to do is go into the “Apps Menu” and tap on the section where it says “Controls”. You can then click on the app you were using before the crash happened. By doing this, you will be able to see all the buttons you need to press in order to force stop the app. If everything was reset, then you would only be able to see the force stop button, but since there’s no reset button, you have to physically click on it to force stop it.

Spyware and Adware

Another problem that could be causing your spotify to crash is spyware and adware. This would cause your computer to slow down as it tries to process information and therefore slowing down your computer. There are programs that you can use to get rid of these annoying pop up ads and spyware. These programs are called “registry cleaners”. You can download one of these from the internet for free. When you download a registry cleaner program, you will also receive a free download 100 of other useful software packages.

Reinstall the Spotify App

After downloading and installing the registry cleaners, you should restart your computer and then load up your favorite music or video apps. After that, load up your “Downloads” tab and then click on the “Manage” tab. This will allow you to uninstall any unwanted software packages that you have on your computer. After doing that, you should then restart your computer and then let your spotify crash again.

If that does not work, then you need to look at the reasons why your spotify login data got corrupted. One possible reason why your app might become corrupt is because you accidentally deleted one of the many necessary configuration keys that control how your software works. For example, if you were to change the value from default to something else, your app might think that the change was made when you saved the preferences and could no longer function properly. The value for this key could be anything, but most commonly is the name of your app. A simple reinstallation of your app should fix the issue.

Fix an Android System

If neither of those two options work, then you should look into the various methods that you can use to fix an android system issue such as, why does my spotify keep crashing? There are many forums on the internet where people who have various technical issues with their android devices post. You can then ask questions and get answers from other users that may help you figure out exactly what problem you are dealing with. It may even help you isolate the cause of the problem so that you can reproduce it yourself in the future.

Update the Spotify App

Finally, if you are still not able to figure out what is wrong with your spotify login data, then you should look into updating your app. If you are still getting errors with your spotify account, then there is a very good chance that the app needs an update. This is very easy to do and is a lot easier than dealing with the various problems that your software is having. Simply go into the “applications” tab of your spotify and click “updates”, then “install updates”. Follow the prompts and just let the app update itself. That should solve your problem with why does my spotify keep crashing!

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