How to Open a Can Without Can Opener – Three Easy and Fast Way

How to Open a Can Without Can Opener – Three Easy and Fast Way

Here you have some small guides about how to open a Can without Can Opener. Although it is possible to open the cans with a rough surface or pocket knife, but we prefer to add less sharp edges. We have found an easy and safe solution to open a can without opener. Then, instead of trying to open the knife from the knife, consider using another common tool that can be found in the drawer of Catalan.

Here’s How to Open a Can without Can Opener

Metal Spoon

It’s OK: You can only open the cabin from the metal spoon. Even if you are without an opener, you are also likely to have metal spoon in your kitchen. This simple trick is infallible. It may seem ridiculous, but with a little friction, the spoon metal is slimed and the metal is cut off the metal. It is crucial to use a metal spoon for this trick: plastic simply will not work.

Even with the right tools, opening a can is usually quite dangerous: the aluminum lid is deceptively sharp and, if it is not careful, it can suffer deep cuts easily. That danger is only multiplied when you do not have a useful opener to keep your hands at a secure distance from the sharp tin cap. Although a metal spoon represents a smaller threat than a sharp knife, it is important to manipulate the can with care, since the lid is still quite sharp.

  1. Leave the can on a stable table or countertop, holding it firmly in place.
  2. Use your other hand to hold the spoon at an angle of 90 degrees on the can, with the bowl of the spoon towards the background. Place the tip of the spoon against the inner lid of the can, with the inside of the spoon container. Place the spoon in the slot on the edge of the tin where the lid is on the edge.
  • Rub the tip of the spoon on the edge of the tin, moving forward and backward on a small area until the friction slim the metal and the spoon browns the lid. It passes to another small area until you have rubbed the spoon through the metal around the edge of the can. Once you have surrounded the entire can, the lid must be loose.
  1. Insert the spoon under the lid and use the spoon to lift the lid. Be careful not to touch the edge of the ball, because it will be very fast. Use a towel to protect your hand and discard the lid.

Although we prefer the secure methods available for us in these situations, but we understand that sometimes the metal spoon cannot be useful.  Here are two forms of backup more to open a can without a can opener.

A Pocketknife

Let’s say that the situation is even more drastic, and you are on a walk without a metal spoon, but you have your faithful knife, do not worry, you can still enjoy that can of soup that you packaged. Although this method is definitely more dangerous than opening the metal spoon, but requires strict measures in frustration time. Hold the can firmly in your hand on a flat surface and pass the tip of the knife through the top of the can. Continue making holes around the edge of the top of the tin until it can lift the top of the tin.

A Rough Surface

A can opener, a metal spoon and a knife are out of the question? Although it seems that you will have to stay on the granula bars that he packed for the rest of your camping trip it is not completely out of luck. There is another way to open a can without a can opener that requires a lot of brute strength and patience.

Find a roughened surface such as a rock or a concrete slab, and use that surface for sanding the edge of the can until it breaks the seal on top. Make sure to rotate the canned as equally to sand and prepare an additional shirt or robbery to catch up and clean when it finally came out. Squeeze the sides of the can occasionally also help put pressure on the top seal. Once you have moisture in his makeshift sander, you have found gold (liquid) and seal the can should be open.

There is no new thing to open canned food without cannon opener, because the interesting date about the canned food is that it’s most important “partner” Can opener and was not invented until 50 years later invented the tin cylinder.

Do you ever find yourself with unopened canned goods but there is no easy opener, become creative. It can be painful unconventional and perhaps messy and something that you are not accustomed but it is clear to see that our ancestors have also used to open the canned.


If these methods have encouraged you to use unconventional ways to open canned food, then consider these multi-tool options if you ever need to open Ken without suitable can opener.

As usual, use the most practical and secure way to open any container and use the “naked hand” as the last resort, and always protect your hands and toes before handling the edges.

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